My story

Hi, my name is Phil Drake. I started at the University of Texas at Austin in Electrical Engineering because I’ve always been fascinated with how things work. I soon discovered that engineering math wasn’t my cup of tea, switched to Advertising and graduated with a Bachelors degree.

Because of my appreciation of engineering and my ability to speak their language, I have typically gravitated to industrial and highly engineered products and verticals.

While at UT, I walked on as a discus thrower on the Track team my freshman year, earned a scholarship and lettered for three years and contributed points in every conference championship meet, including two team victories.

When I graduated, I was the 7th best discus thrower in UT history.

My first job out of school was at a small B2B ad agency where I was the entire creative department.

After that, I moved to the corporate side. I was hired by several B2B companies where I brought all their marketing in-house. Sometimes I was a one-man show and others I built and managed departments of up to 15 people, including creatives.

I then started my own advertising/marketing firm because I knew of too many companies that weren’t getting the results they needed from ad agencies. My services included individual projects to the creation and execution of comprehensive, integrated strategic marketing plans.

In 2019, I formed a marketing consulting group with a former boss to handle larger clients for longer engagements. However, the greatest gains I’ve been able to deliver to a company is when I run their in-house marketing department, whether it’s just me managing or multiple people.

I’m looking for a home at an industrial B2B company where I can put down roots and help take them to the next level.

If you’re not seeing the results you want, I’d love to talk with you.

Major Achievements

Reduced annual churn from 71% to 15%, grew customer count 37%, added $43 million in revenue (ARR)

My boss brought me with him to a major retail electric provider (REP) in Texas to move all of their marketing efforts in-house. At the time they were bleeding customers as other REPs were taking their market share. Once there, I:

  • Evaluated everything they were currently doing, including their website and online enrollment funnel
  • Created a comprehensive, integrated strategic marketing plan for Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth, the two largest markets
  • Created new aggressive brand messaging that went after the two largest competitors and educated customers
  • Raised pricing to put us in the middle of the pack, increasing profit margin and removing us from the race to the bottom to be the cheapest
  • Replace old billing system with a modern one that allowed us to eliminate billing errors and present competitive product offerings
  • Recreated the entire website design, content, and navigation to be more user-friendly
  • Reworked the online enrollment funnel to boost enrollment efficiency by 81% while remaining 100% compliant with all regulations
  • My average cost of acquisition was $59 compared to the industry average of $110
  • Increased customer awareness from 21% to 70% in six months

Increased lead generation by 174% first year with same budget by bring marketing in-house

I was hired by an industrial plastics company that had 11 products in 13 distinct markets, including plant maintenance, repair and operations; construction; containment; aquaculture liners and concrete curing covers. My role was to handle a few tasks in-house and manage an outside agency. I quickly showed how I could handle everything in-house much cheaper and more effectively than the agency could, even after the initial cost of purchasing a computer and Adobe software.

My major accomplishments included:

  • Increasing the architectural market products by 33% year over year for three years through new messaging, trade shows, print and making their pages in Sweets Catalog more user-friendly for architects
  • Nearly doubled sales for a languishing concrete curing cover product with direct mail and print ads
  • Earned Harvey Readership Awards for unaided recall for two print ads
  • Earned a Business Marketing Association Lantern Award for a product video, beating three major advertising agencies while spending 1/10th the budget of their videos
  • Once I proved I could increase lead generation 174% that first year with the same budget, I was able to increase the marketing budget each subsequent year and increase leads across all markets 36% year over year the second year and 52% the third year

Replaced $60K non-performing website with high performing site

I was hired by a large oilfield service company client to fix the non-performance issues with their website they paid a major, well-known ad agency over $60K to create. They weren’t getting much traffic, and when people did visit, they didn’t stay very long or view many pages.

Upon reviewing the site, it was obvious what the major problems were:

  • The target market for the site is engineers, yet almost every page had a photo of someone in a white lab coat with a clipboard smiling at the camera—engineers don’t want to see people (unless they are turning a wrench or measuring something)
  • The content was too superficial, didn’t cover the information need to make a decision, wasn’t written in a voice they relate to and was very light on relevant keywords
  • The navigation was too complicated and confusing
  • It was a very pretty site—all sizzle and no steak

After doing several field photo shoots, I was able to replace all the smiling people with equipment being installed and used in the field along with graphs, charts and data. I interviewed subject matter experts and rewrote the copy being mindful of relevant keyword prospective customers would use to search for those products. I also simplified the navigation and made it easy to for visitors to find the products they wanted. Because of those changes, the following results occurred in the first four months after going live:

  • Top 10 rankings increased 1,233% from 3 to 37
  • Time on site increased 74%
  • Pages viewed increased 86%

Increased enrollment traffic by 1,300% and reduced bounce rate from 74% to 20%

A small retail electric provider client hired me to fix the problems with their two agency-created websites, one for the Texas market and one for the northeastern markets. Neither was getting much traffic, and they had not received a single online enrollment in over a year since going live. After reviewing the sites, I found the online enrollment function was broken and the content wasn’t relevant for people wanting to purchase electricity. With that knowledge and a very limited marketing budget, I:

  • Recreated both sites from scratch in WordPress
  • Made them more user-friendly and added keyword-focused content to improve SEO and drive more enrollment traffic
  • Created a new enrollment engine from scratch to allow visitors to easily enroll online while fully complying with all regulatory requirements
  • Used Google Ads to drive online enrollment with an acquisition cost of $41 compared to the industry average of $68 for Google Ads
  • Implemented retention strategies to cut customer churn to increase net customer count

Increased Top 10 rankings by 1,050% after three months through SEO copywriting

I was hired by an international chemical company to provide SEO copywriting for a website redesign project that combined four separate division websites into a single company website. I interviewed subject matter experts for all four divisions and rewrote all of the content for the site focusing on relevant keywords and readability.

Relevant Skills

  • Creating and executing cohesive, integrated strategic marketing plans
  • Campaign management
  • Storytelling/Messaging
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Bringing marketing in-house
  • Maximizing ROI
  • Troubleshooting/Problem Solving
  • Web design/Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Performance marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Demand generation
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Google Analytics
  • Retention marketing
  • Marketing for SaaS
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Team leadership
  • Team management/mentoring
  • Product marketing
  • Data-driven marketing
  • Outside vendor/agency management
  • Project management
  • Traditional marketing
  • Trade show marketing
  • CRM marketing
  • Budgeting
  • Sales